Three trends in hardwood flooring

Three trends in hardwood flooring

When hardwood flooring is your product of choice, you'll gain plenty of benefits. Stunning visuals and outstanding performance are only part of the list of attributes.

With wood floors, you'll also get extensive lifespans of more than 100 years. And you may never have to replace your floors as long as you're in your home.

The beauty of hardwood floors

You're probably aware of the many visual benefits and customizations in hardwood flooring. Creating the perfect look to match any decor is easy, with only a few steps. 

Choose your best species, color, and texture for your wood floors. Then pick a format and installation layout for layers of beauty.

Once wear begins to show, refinishing brings the flooring back to a like-new look. You can refinish these floors up to several times before replacements are necessary. 

The durability of wood flooring

Hardwood offers exceptional durability that can withstand lots of wear and life. Species play a significant role in this attribute, as some are harder than others and protect more.

Sealant is another factor that helps keep scratches and dents to a minimum. And engineered flooring adds extended durability in dampness and moisture.

Solid and engineered wood flooring refinishing helps the performance of these floors as much as the look. The thicker the layer, the more durable the flooring.

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